Friday, February 3, 2012

Deploying a .Net crystal report website on a shared server

Hi Guys,

Deploying a crystal report website on a shared server has really been a very difficult task. I have been using rdlc reports upto now for my web applications, but due to the limitations they have I had to use crystal report to one of my web applications, that's when I had to learn this thing, and also realised that many of the guys are struggling with this issue and some of them are not able to sort this thing out for months/years. Though there so many deployment issues which is not possible for me to list out, but here I am writting steps to deploy a crystal report site, which you can use as a primary guideline for deploying a crystal report website.

1. Put the following DLLs to your BIN directory at your shared server.


2. Install the appropriate crystal report redistributable(the redistributable applicable for the version you are using) at server.

3. Give the IIS user account and worker process account full control for the reports folder.

4. Make sure to give 'everyone' full control to the temp directory of windows.

5. for more information and support log on to

wish you all the best for your deployment.